Home range and habitat use of Beni anacondas (Eunectes beniensis) in Bolivia

Paola De La Quintana, Jesús A. Rivas, Federico Valdivia, Luis Pacheco Acosta

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Understanding of snake ecology has increased over the past two decades, but is still limited for many species. This is particularly true for the recently described Beni anaconda (Eunectes beniensis). We present the results of a radio-telemetry study of nine (3M:6F) adult E. beniensis, including home range, and habitat use. We located the snakes 242 times in wet season, and 255 in dry season. Mean wet season home range (MCP) was 25.81 ha (6.7 to 39.4 ha); while mean dry season home range was 0.29 ha (0.13 to 0.42 ha). We found no relationship between home range size and either snout-vent length, weight, or sex. Beni anacondas seem to prefer swamps, and patujusal, while avoiding forest, and rice fields. However, habitat use by individual snakes seems to vary based on the habitats available within their respective home range. Notably, rice fields were avoided by most snakes, which suggests that this type of habitat is unsuitable for anaconda management.

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