International latin american survey on pediatric intestinal failure team

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There is little data on the experience of managing pediatric Intestinal Failure (IF) in Latin America. This study aimed to identify and describe the current organization and practices of the IF teams in Latin America and the Caribbean. An online survey was sent to inquire about the existence of IF teams that managed children on home parenteral nutrition (HPN). Our questionnaire was based on a previously published European study with a similar goal. Twenty-four centers with pediatric IF teams in eight countries completed the survey, representing a total number of 316 children on HPN. The median number of children on parenteral nutrition (PN) at home per team was 5.5 (range 1–50). Teams consisted of the following members: pediatric gastroenterologist and a pediatric surgeon in all teams, dietician (95.8%), nurse (91.7%), social worker (79.2%), pharmacist (70.8%), oral therapist (62.5%), psychologist (58.3%), and physiotherapist (45.8%). The majority of the centers followed international standards of care on vascular access, parenteral and enteral nutrition, and IF medical and surgical management, but a significant percentage reported inability to monitor micronutrients, like vitamins A (37.5%), E (41.7%), B1 (66.7%), B2 (62.5%), B6 (62.5%), active B12 (58.3%); and trace elements—including zinc (29.2%), aluminum (75%), copper (37.5%), chromium (58.3%), selenium (58.3%), and manganese (58.3%). Conclusion: There is wide variation in how IF teams are structured in Latin America—while many countries have well-established Intestinal rehabilitation programs, a few do not follow international standards. Many countries did not report having an IF team managing pediatric patients on HPN.

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